Our History

On November 13, 2000, Fly 18 successfully designed and installed the worlds first permanent disc golf course in Titusville Florida, at Space Coast National Golf Course. Since then, we have opened courses in California, Texas, Oregon, Illinois, and Indiana. Disc golf requires no extra maintenance, employees, or up keep and because we understand that the greens are what truly make a golf course, our number one goal is to design the courses to that the disc golfer does not interfere with play on the greens and in turn maintains safe play.

Our Vision

Custom equipment needed for the sport includes baskets and tee pads. Our baskets are powder-coated with locking collars. Our tee pad is made is made of 100% recycled rubber and is 5’ x 10’. All tee pads are portable and 100% porous. Fly 18 knows there are a lot of courses in areas where both sports could work together when the conditions are right. We are targeting the upper 10% of our market, which would approximately be 2 to 12 players a day based on the location, price and accommodations of the course.